S-01 R Fac W Roun
S-02 Blk W Lg R
S-03 W LT Zeb Jasp
S-04 Agate S Tw
S-05 Cy Rou Rnd
S-06 Ri Rou Rnd
S-07 CirAvenS Tw
S-08  3 Trq Ri  Rnd      
S-09 Malc rice
S-010 Rnds Both
S-011 Serp Ric Rnd
S-012 Sn Qtz Obsid
S-013 Rain Ri S Rnd
S-014 R Mag Drum
S-015 Teardrop Rnd
S-016 Double rice rond
S-017 Lg rice both rnds
S-018 TE 8 Lg Tw
S-019 Ri & Rond
S-020 L RC Rnd Ri
S-021 Grn Swrl Lg Twi
S-022 Wht Fac C 8m
S-023 Tuq Tear 4mm
S-024 Wt Fac Blk Rnd
S-025 Blu Lef Ri
S-026 Pur Fac Blk Rnd
S-027 Den Blk Rnd
S-028 Rd Mag Ri Rnd
S-029 Fac Sm Rnds
S-030 Lg Twi 6 mm
ViP's Magnetic Jewelry
Single Strand Bracelets
$25 each

For sizing:  Measure completely around your wrist making sure that you measure behind
the bend of your wrist. That is the measurement you will send me.

Click on photo to enlarge.