N-001 LT 3 Ro
N-002 Perls & Ri Rds
N-003 LT4 Rn2 Ro
N-004 Fac Sm Rn
N-005 Ran Cl S Rn
N-006 Tri LT Rn
N-007 Qd Rn Rd T
N-008 Lg Twi Rn 6mi
N-009 LgT Rn
N-010 Lg TE Ro
N-011 Qu R Db Rn
N-012 Rain Ri4mm
N-013 Db D Cyl
N-014Lg T Rn Ro
N-015 Lg Twi Drum
N-016 Rd Rub Rn
N-017Mah Obes Ri 4
N-018 PJ Ri
N-019 PuBlk Fac
N-020 Rd M B Fc
N-021MdT Gn Fa
N-022 Ar J  LT
N-023 Amt Cy Ri
N-024Lg Ri  Cy
N-025 Lg Twi 6m
N-026 LT Si Rnd
$35 each
For sizing:  Whatever preference length of your necklace will be fine. There is a $5
additional charge for anything over 22".
The average size is 18”.  

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ViP's Magnetic Jewelry