D-001Tiger eye W Rnds
D-002 Rin SQ Lg Rnds
D-003 Singl Blk Sq  Ri 4m
D-004 Malc Ric Ron
D-005 LRT Cl Sq
D-006 Tur Chk TR Sp
D-007 Tq Rnd DB Sp
D-008  Purple Fac
D-009 Tq 3 Sq 2 rnd
D-010 Tuq Sq Clr Rn
D-011 Single Tanz C Ri Rnd
D-012 Sq 10 Sm Rnd
D-013 Rod Brl Sq
D-014 Blue LF
D-015 Tr Sp Lg Rnd
D-016 Ri Tuq Rnd
D-017 Tig Eye Blk Sk
D-018 Lg T S Tuq S Sp
D-01 9Sap Flwer Sm Tw
D-020 Rn Sq Fa Sm Rn
D-021 Amt Rnd 10 sq
D-022 Rd Foil Ri Rnd
D-023 Fac Sm Rn Sq
D-024 Half Sq Tur Rnd
D-025 Carnil Gold Ric
D-026 Unak Rn Db Sp
D-027 Agate C Ri Tri Sp
D-028 Avent Rn Lg Rn
D-029 Sq 10 Db Sm Rn
D-030 Amt flwer Sm Rn
D-031 Lg Ri Sm Rnd
D-032 Bric Js
D-033 MJ Ser Ri 10 sq
D-034 Tuq Di 3 Lg Rnd
D-035 Gold Rnds 10 sq
D-036 Rn Sq Sm Bk Rn
D-037Rain 4m Blk Sq
D-038 Rice Pearls Rnd
D-039 Lg Twist 6mm
D-040 Tg Ey & Rnds
D-041Tuq Blk Sq R Skp
D-042 Rainbow rice
D-043 Dub Tuq Di 3 Rn
D-044 Bots Agate
D-045 Db Rnd Ru 10 sq
Double Stranded Bracelets
$35 each
For sizing:  Measure completely around your wrist making sure that you measure
behind the bend of your wrist.

Click on photo to enlarge.
ViP's Magnetic Jewelry