A-01 Small twist 4mm
A-02 Rice Advent
A-03 Rain Rice S Rain
A-04 D Barrel Aqua Fac
A-05 Rain 6 Twi
A-06 Med Twi Lg Rnd
A-07 Ri Ron
A-08 Tiger Eye Rice Ron
A-09 Rou Ron Rice
A-010  4 Rou 2Rnd 4m
A-011 Carnelian rice
A-012 Picture Jasper rice
A-013 Lg Rain Rnds
A-014 Rice Lg Rain
A-015 Grn Cath Rice
$30 each
For sizing:  Measure completely around your ankle making sure that you measure
above your ankle bone.  This will be the measurement to send to me.

Click on photo to enlarge.
ViP's Magnetic Jewelry